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By Staff, 12/05/17, 11:00AM CST


A couple reminders during the holidays regarding Transfers/Adds/Releases ...



PLAYER TRANSFER / ADD / RELEASE Requests During the Holidays

The WDDOA Office will be closed beginning Monday, December 11, with normal office hours resuming on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.  During this time frame, submissions for Transfers, Adds, and Releases are still the same, however requests received during this period will not be processed until January. 

Please remember that properly completed Transfer and Release requests (that include both DOC signatures) should be submitted ONLY to the email address.  Submitting Transfer/Release paperwork to additional email addresses will not result in getting the request processed faster and may ultimately slow it down.  Add requests should be submitted through the Google Doc form link provided on the Admin Resources page.

Full instructions, forms, and links for Registrars/Admins regarding the player Transfer/Add/Release process can be found on the Admin Resources page of the WDDOA website. 


FEB 12, 2018 - WDDOA U11-U14Transfer/Release Deadline - Rosters Frozen for U11-U14 Teams - NO Player Transfers or Releases for U11-U14 Teams accepted after this date

MAR 12, 2018 - WDDOA U15-U19 Transfer/Release Deadline - Rosters Frozen for U15-U19 Teams - NO Player Transfers or Releases for U15-U19 Teams accepted after this date

APR 11, 2018 - WDDOA New Player Add Deadline - Rosters Frozen for U11-U19 Teams - NO New Player Adds accepted after this date