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ALPHA - Game Reschedule Procedures

WDDOA RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DENY REQUESTS SHIFTING FROM FALL TO SPRING DATES. Spring Games Seeking Reschedule Need To Play in Fall OR Play Before Spring Break   PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not backload your schedule. 

FALL 2023 DATES: Reschedule Requests CAN be submitted through Sunday, November 12th, but CANNOT extend past that date: Nov 18-19 & Dec 2-3, Dec 9-10 are strictly held for rainout reschedules. 

SPRING 2024 DATES: Reschedule Requests CANNOT extend past March 24th as March 30 (March 31 is Easter), April 6-7 are strictly held for Spring rainout reschedules. 


  1. Communicate with the other team through the Chat system in GotSport to explore interest in making a change with your opponent. Your opponent does not have to agree and may refuse the change at any time up until approval has been granted by WDDOA. If there is interest from the other team, discuss alternate dates/times/that are mutually agreeable to both teams. All communication between teams must be documented in the GotSport chat system.
  2. Complete and submit the Online Form (link is provided below). 
  3. Requests must be submitted via the Online Form a minimum of EIGHT (8) days prior to the originally scheduled game date.
  4. Payment must be received prior to consideration. Payment types accepted are credit/debit cards entered and included with the online form submission or checks (made payable to WDDOA) mailed to the WDDOA office. Check payments must be received 48 hours after the online form is submitted. Please print and include the online form with check payments.

Mail check payments to:  

Attn: Reschedule Coordinator
3000 Joe DiMaggio Blvd, Suite 68
Round Rock, TX  78665

ALPHA FLIGHT Game Reschedule Request Fee = $35.00

  1. Once payment is received and ALL other procedural steps completed, requests will be reviewed. Notifications regarding decisions on schedule change requests and/or schedule changes will be sent through the GotSport system.

WDDOA strongly recommends that teams explore all other options prior to submitting a reschedule request. There are no refunds, regardless of the outcome of the request. The opposing team may refuse the change at any time during the process up until approval has been granted by WDDOA, even if the request has already been submitted to WDDOA and payment has been received and processed.

Schedule changes are not official until reflected in the GotSport online schedule. Please inform your parents not to change their plans until the new game date/time/location has been published online.


Please use this link to submit a Reschedule Request for the 2023-2024 seasonal year.  This link should not be used for Rainout Reschedules. 

When a reschedule request form is submitted, GotSport will automatically process payment. This payment is non-refundable. If you have a double booking (not a double-header) that needs to be reviewed, please select the "check" option on the payment screen, and your request will be reviewed without payment. 



The Reschedule Request OPEN Window is now available, and Reschedule Requests will be processed at no charge from 

Dec 15, 2023 - Jan 15, 2024


SPRING 2024 DATES: Reschedule Requests CANNOT extend past March 24th as March 30 (March 31 is Easter), April 6-7 are strictly held for Spring rainout reschedules. 

PLEASE do not backload your schedule. 

*Submission does not guarantee processing - ESPECIALLY if the Date Requested is the Last Weekend (Mar 23-24) of Play


If you would like to print out a hard copy of the instructions for WDDOA Game Reschedule Requests, click on the PDF document below:


Rainout Process - for Rained Out games ONLY, not intended for Reschedule Requests.

Click on the PDF Document Link below: