PENALTY POINTS:  Penalty Points shall be awarded to individual players and coaches for any recorded cautions and/or ejections received. Disciplinary action will result due to accumulation of points as stipulated in the STYSA Administrative Handbook Section 4.9.5.

It is the team's responsibility to keep track of penalty points (yellow cards, red cards, ejections, etc) obtained by players, coaching staff, managers, and/or spectators and to understand the resulting disciplinary actions that must be taken depending on the situation.

Teams should not rely on GotSport to "know" whether or not a participant should be sitting out due to their prior infractions. GotSport is a tool whereby very useful, has its limitations. Certain types of disciplinary actions specific to South Texas cannot be programmed into a system designed to accommodate organizations across the country. GotSport also relies completely on information that is manually input.  If penalty points for any given game or games is not input correctly, on time, or at all, GotSport can't know. 

WDDOA manually reviews every match card once it is received and checks that results have been input correctly and that any necessary suspensions are reflected in the system.  WDDOA also verifies that participants have served their required suspensions. If a player that should have been serving a suspension (sitting out) participates in a game, the team faces a potential forfeit.

This is one of the many reasons why it is paramount that teams send their match cards to the WDDOA Office within 72 hours of game completion !!