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By Staff, 05/03/24, 5:00PM CDT



WDDOA is committed to providing a league structure through a promotion/relegation system that will place teams in the appropriate level of play, in order to promote the highest level of player development. 

WDDOA has developed a tiered approach to bring group sizes and competition levels back into balance. Looking ahead, the focus will continue to be on standardizing bracket numbers for the 2024-2025 seasonal year and beyond, which will enable us to work towards providing an equal number of competitive games to all teams. 

What does this look like for your team? Promotion/Relegation will be achieved in a more upward motion: no more than 2 teams relegated to a lower flight, but more than 2 teams will possibly promote in order to even out the brackets and create parity in the number of games among the teams in the same group. 

Seeding: Teams were seeded into the WDDOA Fall 2024 Pre-Qualified List based on Spring 2024 finish. 

Promotion/Relegation is achieved in a "Two-Up/2-Down" manner in the final overall standings prior to teams being moved in order into the Prequalified List starting from the top Level of Play.

Should you have any questions about the seeding on this list, please have YOUR CLUB DOC contact WDDOA for clarification. 

WDDOA Pre-Qualified List Usage Guide and FAQ

This 2-page document will help you better understand the WDDOA Promotion/Relegation system as well as how we produce the Pre-Qualified List

Core Requirement: The requirement of >50% will be calculated from the qualifying roster; Fall 2023 for Frontier / SCL teams that qualified during the Fall season and Final Spring 2024 Roster for all other teams participating in a WDDOA flight. However, it will be a "club" core requirement rather than a "team" core requirement. This means that core will be met by filling the teams with >50% of players who were registered with the club (rostered to a USYS team) for the 2023-2024 seasonal year. 

Updated: Tuesday, June 4, 2024 12:53pm

06/04/24: SCL U18 Boys Update

The STYSA Promotion Relegation Rules have changed!

For original document published by the State, click HERE. Section 3.5 and 3.6 address National League Frontier Conference Qualification and League Promotion/Relegation.

You will notice that U18 and U19 Frontier Conference prequalified teams are listed differently. Starting Fall 2024, USYS will be combining the U18/U19 age groups. STYSA filled the 4 spots in boys and girls as follows:

FRONTIER U18/U19 Combined Flight Structure
              23/24 Frontier U18 #1  Will Be 24/25 U19 Age Group
              23/24 Frontier U17 #1  Will Be 24/25 U18 Age Group
              23/24 SCL U18 #1  Will Be 24/25 U19 Age Group 
              23/24 SCL U17 #1 Will Be 24/25 U18 Age Group



  • You  don't see your team name listed on the pre-qualified list 
  • You have a new U12-U19 team that wants to participate in WDDOA
  • You have a pre-qualified team that is not able to return club core
  • You have a pre-qualified team that is returning team core BUT is changing clubs
You should consult with your DOC and/or Club Registrar to have them fill out a Request for Consideration (RFC) form. RFC forms will be available online starting  Monday, June 3, 2024. 



U11-U12 ALPHA: Set 1/Set 2

  • U11 and U12 Alpha will be scheduled in the same way: Set 1 (Sept-Dec) to be played in Fall 2024 and Set 2 (Feb-April) to be played in Spring 2025
  • Teams will be broken into geographical brackets for the Fall as much as possible.
  • Teams will be rebracketed in the Spring into competitive (travel) brackets based on final Fall standings.
  • Spring 2025 final standings will be used to determine prequalification for Fall 2025.

U13 PRIME: Set 1/Set 2

  • U13 Prime will play Set 1 (Sept-Dec) in order to determine the top teams who will participate in the Frontier Conference Qualification event in December.
  • The remaining teams will participate in Set 2 (Feb-April) Prime in the Spring of 2025
  • Full travel model


  • Every other age group and flight will be seasonal year scheduling and full travel model. 
  • U11-U14: Sept-April with the winter break starting mid-Dec and ending mid-February.
  • U15-U19: Sept-April with the winter break starting mid-Dec and ending mid-March.

*For U11 Prime or U11 Challenger ONLY:

Currently, U11 Prime and U11 Challenger Flights play a FULL Seasonal Year Model (Scheduled: Sept-April). 

However, we are soliciting input from DOCs to determine whether incoming teams (currently identified) as U11 Prime or U11 Challenger would prefer to be scheduled/play

Set 1 (Scheduled: Fall Sept-Dec) & Set 2 (Scheduled: Spring Feb-April).  

Based on the results of the survey, the format of play may be changed this year for U11 Prime, U11 Challenger, or both.